Her Highness Suppositories (YoniPop)

Queens of Yoni Detox

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  • A vaginal suppository. YoniPops may help to keep the tighten, tone, lubricate, and provide an odor free vagina. YoniPops are excellent to use at the end of menstrual cycles, good for women who struggle with BV, and yeast infections. This product helps to provide an overall balance to PH level and detox to the vagina.

DO NOT TAKE BY MOUTH Insert 1-2 pills using an applicator into your vaginal cavity. Wear a panty liner because you may experience a light discharge. Allow the capsules to dissolve for AT LEAST 4-6 hours. DO NOt use more than 4 capsules per month. Be sure to bathe or shower before sexual activity and/or after use of the product. Effects typically last for 2-4 weeks Use at your own risk.


Capsules good until December 2024.

Disclaimer: These statements have not been approved or evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Ingredients: Bamboo salt, Celtic salt, and Mineral sea salts, and a Probiotic in a vegetable capsule. 

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Elizabeth Crutcher

Her Highness Suppositories (YoniPop)


Listennnn!! These Yoni-pops from QYD are a life changer.🙌🏾 No more vaginal odor after relations😁 & menstrual cycles😫 And definitely no more dryness!🙅🏾‍♀️ My yoni loves to pop on the scene for my boo!!😁😍 Trust me... this is a great investment!!💯🌺✨️

Latreechia Harris

Her Highness Suppositories (YoniPop)

Anitra Dotson

I had not ordered since I moved fifteen months ago period my recent order still had my former address comma I put an email and They reese found it right away in change to my new address in my package came in a timely manner period my husband and I love the yankee pop's.

DaShunja Taylor

I love it the yoni pops and the body butter last long smell and and now want I love the most it that sensational oil my man goes crazy when I put that on