About Us


My name is Quarneeka. I am the creator and owner of Queens of Yoni Detox & QYD Wellness, LLC. Growing up in the country with my parents and two older siblings and as a wife with two boys, I've always had a strong awareness of what it feels like to be treated like a Queen. As life happened and I moved to the big city of Birmingham, Alabama to pursue my education as a Respiratory Therapist, I sometimes lost that feeling or decided to give someone else an attempt at treating me like a Queen. Through all of life's trials I have learned that Queendom starts within. Queens of Yoni Detox, LLC was created to help every woman feel as beautiful, confident, fresh, and healthy as possible. Although most of the products that are offered help to enhance sexual experiences, the focus of a Yoni detox regimen is to help promote optimal vaginal health & wellness. Feeling confident, fierce, and fresh are all ways to allow women the ability to unleash the Queen that we all are born to be! It is definitely the confidence and the feedback that gives me the momentum to keep providing the best natural health and wellness products as well as services possible. Thank you for your love as well as support. It is always our pleasure to service YOU‼️